Our association

First touch

A group of committed and interested people were deeply shocked when they heard about the almost hopeless living situation and poverty of the people there at various information events about North-East India.

Actual situation of children

Many children are not allowed to attend school because they have to contribute to the provision of their families instead for reasons of poverty. They are often found as cheap labour in quarries or as cattle herders.

Current state of schools

Eine große Anzahl an Schulen ist in einem miserablen baulichen Zustand und häufig A large number of schools are in a miserable state of repair and often lack sufficient classrooms and even the simplest facilities such as blackboards and desks.


The lack of regional infrastructure makes it even more difficult for people to cope with the daily challenges of a decent life.

Our activity

In der Folge fand sich die vorgenannte Gruppe Interessierter zusammen, um mit

Subsequently, the above-mentioned group of interested parties came together to take appropriate measures to meet the desperate call for education and alleviation of crushing poverty and to develop a way out of its misery with and for the people of North-East India.
The association “Khublei – Hilfe für Nordost-Indien e. V.” was founded in March 2020.

India experience

With decades of experience in project work in India, it is an important concern of the founding members to support the people living in the northeast of India, regardless of origin, age, gender and religion, in a sustainable and long-term way by helping them to help themselves.


In the World Missionary Month of October 2019, the church in Germany together with missio focused on the people in North-East India in information events and lectures, because they live in a particularly desolate situation and poverty. Compared with other regions of India, Northeast India seems to be completely forgotten by the rest of the world.


Die Vereinsgründung fällt genau in die Hoch-Zeit der Coronakrise. Auch den The foundation of the association coincides exactly with the peak of the Corona crisis. It also deprives the people in north-east India of almost every basis for their livelihood. Many of them were forced to return to their villages up to 1,000 km away on foot in a more than adventurous way due to the ban on work or their job loss, the shutdown. On their long and arduous way home, many of them died of exhaustion, lack of food and water and accidents in the sometimes life-threatening dense traffic on completely overcrowded roads. For the families this was an immense pain and a total loss of all income. They do not earn any money and there is no social security like here in Germany, such as short-time work or unemployment benefits. There are no means of earning a living. This is why people need our support even more urgently right now.

What does the word „Khublei“ [ku:blæ i:] mean in the name of the association?

Khasi is the language of the indigenous people of Meghalaya, one of the states in northeast India. The word “Khublei” comes from the language of these natives and means: “Good day”, “Be protected”, “God with you”, “God protect you”, “Thank you”, “Goodbye”.

The greeting “Khublei” opens the hearts of the people in Meghalaya.

We, who are committed to these people, would like to open the hearts for the forgotten people in Northeast India together with you!

“Khublei” – “Sei behütet”
Dieser Gruß öffnet in Meghalaya die Herzen der Menschen.